What Happens When You Arrive In America With Your Fiance Visa

Just because you have the fiancé visa in hand, you aren’t out of the woods yet. You have to get through US Customs.

Did you know that a US Passport or Customs Agent could turn you away at the gate even though you have a valid visa?

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Well, they can.

If the US Passport or Customs agent feels that you do not meet the criteria for the visa you are carrying, or that you present a risk to America, you can be turned away.

For example, if you are presenting a temporary visa like a tourist visa or a student visa, but the agent feels that your real intent is to permanently immigrate to America, the agent can deny your entry at the gate.

Or perhaps, they do not believe that your K-1 Fiancé visa was issued in good faith – that you are arranging a ‘Green Card Marriage,’ rather than a real marriage.

Another example where they can deny your visa is if you appear to pose a risk to the United States government.

If you are carrying controversial types of literature that makes them believe that you are part of a terrorist group, or if you are carrying contraband type items like drugs or weapons, they can deny your visa.

Also, you must keep your Fiancé Visa package sealed. Your Fiancé Visa package is sealed by the US embassy and must remain so while it is in your hands. Do not open the visa package. They may feel that your visa has been tampered with and they may deny entry for that reason.

From a practical standpoint, there is probably very little chance of your fiancé being turned away at the gate. The important thing to remember is that just because she has the fiancé visa in hand, she is not guaranteed entry into the United States.

Your fiancé wants to make sure she has all her supporting documentation required for applying for her visa with her at time of entry: her passport, her visa, copies of birth certificates and all other supporting documentation, just in case.

She will also need these documents when applying for adjustment of status to permanent residency, so she should remember to bring them with her for that reason as well.

Most importantly, your fiancé should have a somewhat solicitous attitude toward the US Passport Officers and Customs Agents rather than a cavalier or arrogant attitude. If your fiancé knows that her entry is not guaranteed, this should be enough to insure her having the proper attitude.

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